About us

JECER is a journal of the Early Childhood Education Association of Finland (http://eceaf.org ). The Finnish association originates in ACEI, the Association for Childhood Education International (http://www.acei.org/). International editorial team of JECER consists of early childhood education scientists and specialists in Europe, USA and Asia.

The Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV) has granted JECER the right to use Peer-reviewed label Peer-reviewed (see more here) since the 6th, November 2016.

The Editorial Team members responsible for the publishing are

PhD Johanna Heikka, Editor-in-Chief, University of University of Eastern Finland
PhD Leena Turja, Managing Editor, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
PhD Niina Rutanen, Managing Editor, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

PhD Eeva Hujala, University of Tampere, Finland
PhD James Hoot, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, U.S.A.
PhD Hannele Karikoski, University of Oulu, Finland
PhD Jarmo Kinos, University of Turku, Finland
PhD Riitta Korhonen, University of Turku, Finland
PhD Päivi Kupila, University of Tampere, Finland
PhD Lasse Lipponen, University of Helsinki, Finland
PhD Corinne Meier, University of South Africa
PhD Anneli Niikko, University of Eastern Finland
PhD Marja Nurmilaakso, University of Helsinki, Finland
EdM Tiina Peterson, Chief Expert at Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
PhD Manjula Waniganayake, Macquarie University, Australia
MA (Ed.) Mervi Eskelinen, University of Tampere, Finland

For further information, please contact the editorial team

Johanna Heikka johanna.heikka@uef.fi
Niina Rutanen niina.a.rutanen@jyu.fi
Eeva Hujala eeva.hujala@uta.fi
James Hoot james.j.hoot@buffalo.edu
Hannele Karikoski hannele.karikoski@oulu.fi
Jarmo Kinos jarmo.kinos@utu.fi
Riitta Korhonen riitta.korhonen@utu.fi
Päivi Kupila paivi.kupila@staff.uta.fi
Lasse Lipponen lasse.lipponen@helsinki.fi
Corinne Meier Meierc@unisa.ac.za
Anneli Niikko anneli.niikko@uef.fi
Marja Nurmilaakso marja.nurmilaakso@helsinki.fi
Tiina Peterson tiina.peterson@hm.ee
Leena Turja leena.m.turja@jyu.fi
Manjula Waniganayake manjula.waniganayake@mq.edu.au
Mervi Eskelinen eskelinen.mervi.k@student.uta.fi