For Reviewers

The scientific journal of the Association for Finnish Early Childhood Education – Journal of Early Childhood Education Research, publishes theoretical reviews and articles based on early childhood education research. JECER is a comprehensive scientific early childhood education journal. The journal focuses on issues dealing with the growth, development and education of under 8-year-old children. The journal examines the social, pedagogical, professional and educational aspects of early childhood education. Management/leadership and organization/organising of early childhood education are also central themes in the journal. Target audiences for this journal are the researchers, educators and students of early childhood education, early childhood education professionals, decision makers, people working on administration and educational planning and also parents.

JECER is a refereed journal. Each article (authors unnamed) is sent to two reviewers, who read it independently and incognito. The assessment bases on the scientific merits as well as readability of the article and its suitability to the scope of the journal. Therefore, we ask reviewers to pay attention to the form of writing of the article. More information of this is available in the pages For Writers.  Please, use the assessment template, which is available for download here.