For Writers

Instructions for writers using English:

Journal of Early Childhood Education Research, JECER, publishes a wide range of articles on research or theory relating to growth, development, learning and wellbeing of young children up to 8 years of age. Multiple approaches are welcomed (e.g. societal viewpoint to childhood, early childhood pedagogy, professional development and training, and leadership in ECEC organizations). Your article may be written in English or Finnish. These instructions are for writers using English.

JECER is an open access scientific journal. Articles are published online one by one and collected in annual volumes. The author is responsible for the language editing before submitting the manuscript for consideration. Writings must be original. Please note that articles or significant parts of them are unpublished and you haven’t submitted manuscripts for assessment to other journals.

The length of the articles written in English should normally be max. 7000 words, excluding references. The abstract at the start of each article should not exceed 200 words. The file-size of articles is limited to a maximum of 8 MB, which should be taken into account with use of photographs or graphics. Two reviewers will assess the submitted article on the basis of its scientific merits, readability, and thematic fitting into the scope of the journal. Finally, the editorial team will decide on the publication of the article.

JECER publishes also articles belonging to short scientific papers (max 3500 words & references & abstract). Short papers may focus on a theoretical study or methodological issues around a certain phenomenon with research interest. A short description of a pilot study or development work may also be included in this category. Short papers aim to provoke reflection and discussion. The published short papers are not peer reviewed; instead, they are assessed and accepted by the editors of JECER.

All article manuscripts should be submitted by using the article template designed for JECER. That guides the author to form a MS-Word document s using Cambria 12 point font with 1.15 line-spacing in the body text. References should be cited in the body of the article. Reference style and creating a reference list follows APA’s format (Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th Edition, ). Please, find the JECER article template (docx-version) as available for download here.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as an e-mail attachment s and sent via e-mail to Managing Editor Leena Turja: or in case of a certain thematic issue, to the editor responsible of that issue.

Do not hesitate to contact her with any possible questions about manuscript submitting.