Kirja kasvun välineenä – suomenkieliset ensikirjat 1970–2010-luvuilla

Kirja kasvun välineenä – suomenkieliset ensikirjat 1970–2010-luvuilla

Author(s): Pirjo Suvilehtoa (
Source: Journal of Early Childhood Education Research; Vol 3(2), p. 2-26.

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Abstract: A first book for babies was distributed for the first time in Finland in 1979, when the maternity and child health clinic system wanted to include a booklet for babies in the maternity package. Supporting the child’s language development and early interaction by means of literature has been a research interest ever since. This article begins by examining the definitions of a first book and a picture book. The study gives an idea of the kind of first books published in Finland, mainly by Finnish authors, since the 1970s. The article focuses on the perspective of a literature review. In the light of research done so far, the article outlines in general the possible links between children’s books and the child’s language development and ways to support it, and how the developments in the field of educational psychology in these decades are seen in babies’ first books.

First books have been published in abundance, but the topic has been studied relatively
little considering what a popular everyday article a baby book is in families with children.
A good knowledge of children’s literature and the use of books for pedagogical
purposes are essential to the work of an early childhood educator; they are an essential
tool with children of all ages. This qualitative study on first books for babies provides an
introduction to new fascinating areas of research in early childhood education. At its
best, literary education, and literary art education, can be described as long-term preemptive

Author-Supplied Keywords: first book, picture book, child’s language development, early interaction

ISSN: 2323-7414

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Author Affiliation: aUniversity of Oulu, Finland