Osallisuuspuhetta integroidussa erityisryhmässä

Osallisuuspuhetta integroidussa erityisryhmässä

Author(s): Marja Syrjämäkia (marja.syrjamaki@helsinki.fi)

Source: Journal of Early Childhood Education Research; Vol 4(1), p. 22-41.

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Abstract: This article focuses on adult´s talk about children´s participation and the meanings formed in that discussion. Participation is here seen as a multidimensional concept, focusing on the experience of being involved and having influence. The data consists of four interviews, produced in kindergartens’ integrated special groups in the spring 2012. The methodological approach is discourse analysis, influenced by critical discourse analysis and discursive psychology, as well as a semantic model, used by Wahlström (1992).

The conclusions are that the discourses, defined from subject positions of children and adults in the pedagogues’ speech, and the meanings, made up in different con-texts, could indicate the pedagogical culture of a kindergarten group. Being aware of those discourses and meanings could also bring elements for reflection and also wider pedagogical discussion about the matter.

Author-Supplied Keywords: participation, discourse analysis, subject position, meaning forming

ISSN: 2323-7414

ISSN-L: 2323-7414 online

Author Affiliation: aDepartment of teacher education, Special education, University of Helsinki, Finland