Relational expertise in preschool–school transition

Relational expertise in preschool–school transition


Author(s): Laura Rantavuoria (, Päivi Kupilab & Kirsti Karilab

Source: Journal of Early Childhood Education Research; Vol 6(2), p. 230-248.

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Abstract: The complex and constantly evolving challenges of working life require individuals, groups and work communities to cooperate interprofessionally across sectors and institutional boundaries (Edwards, 2017). In this study, preschool-school transition is a context in which culturally and historically constructed institutional boundaries form an arena for professional learning. In interprofessional work, professionals’ different interpretations of the purpose of collaboration can bring challenges. How-ever, common understanding can be achieved through relational expertise. The aim of the study is to examine what kind of organizational and professional issues can be identified in the development towards relational expertise in the context of transi-tion. By studying the organizational narratives around boundary work, we seek to understand the nature of the processes involved in acquiring relational expertise. This study examines the development of relational expertise over a one-year period of interprofessional collaboration within the context of the boundary work of two institutions – preschool and primary school. The case study data consists of videoed authentic interprofessional planning and evaluation discussions (22.5 h) and was analysed drawing on organizational narratives. The findings of two different organ-izational narratives provide important information on the issues involved in achiev-ing relational expertise and of the possibilities for and obstacles to its development.

Author-Supplied Keywords: preschool–school transition, relational expertise, common knowledge, organizational narrative

ISSN: 2323-7414

ISSN-L: 2323-7414 online

Author Affiliation: a, bUniversity of Tampere, Tampere, Finland