JECER, a Journal of Early Childhood Education Research, publishes early childhood scientific research.  Research articles in this international journal are peer reviewed and published either in Finnish or English. Its focus is on the research of early childhood education and the theoretical and historical analysis of these phenomena. Target audiences for this journal are the researchers, educators and students of early childhood education, parents, early childhood education professionals, decision makers, and people working on administration and educational planning. JECER is received level 1 rating (see more from Publication Forum site).

We welcome a wide range of articles on research or theory relating to growth, development, learning and wellbeing of young children up to 8 years of age.  Multiple approaches are welcomed (e.g. societal viewpoint to childhood, early childhood pedagogy, professional development and training, and leadership in ECEC organizations)

The aim of the journal is to contribute to scientific dialogue, to deliver information and to serve the field in the development of early childhood education. Journal forms an open learning environment and a network for early childhood education scholars and professionals. The journal aims to enhance the awareness and accessibility of early childhood education research, and to highlight the possibilities for research based decision making and quality improvement. It introduces new research and offers international perspectives on early childhood education.

Johanna Heikka
PhD, Senior lecturer, University of Eastern Finland